Linked Fellowships

There are eight (8) Linked fellowships. These are open to researchers who are affiliated with one of our collaborating projects.


Consideration will only be given to applications that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Candidates for fellowships must meet The Open University’s eligibility criteria for visiting research academic appointments as well as the eligibility criteria set out for this fellowship scheme (see OU Visiting and Honorary Academic Appointments Statement of Policy and Procedures)
  2. Candidates must receive an approval from their own institution to be released for the period of the Fellowship.
  3. Candidates must agree to work within the frame of The Open University’s mission and values outlined in its Code of Practice for Research
  4. Fellowships cannot be awarded to applicants who are not fit for international travel or have a medical condition (e.g. infectious diseases) that may require urgent treatment.
  5. Candidates are responsible for arranging any necessary visas for their period of research study in the UK.

How to Apply

Applications have now closed

For all fellowships, each prospective fellow must submit a research proposal of up to 500 words. Fellows will be expected to structure their research proposal to align with one of OERRH’s 11 research hypotheses, and illustrate the relevance of their proposal to their institution. Each application will be reviewed by the OERRH selection panel.

There is no competitive application process for Linked Fellowships. However, prospective Linked fellows are required to submit a Research Proposal form, signed off by an OERRH-nominated stakeholder for the collaborating project. Our selection panel will intervene only when there are multiple, competing requests for a Linked Fellowship. The Panel will recommend the proposal that fits more appropriately with OERRH research priorities, or advise on alternative approaches to the standard fellowship.

In addition, Linked Fellows will be required to submit the following:

  1. Doctor’s letter
  2. Health and Safety form, including letter of support from your institution

OERRH Fellowship Conditions

The duration of the OERRH fellowship visit is up to one month, and fellows are expected to spend this time researching alongside the OERRH Research Team. This will enable fellows to familiarise with the OERRH goals and team, OU staff, as well as with the OU infrastructure to support research.

OERRH Support for Fellows

The fellowship grant will cover:

•           Return flight ticket

•           Airport transfers

•           UK subsistence of £100[1] per day (to cover accommodation, subsistence and other minor costs).

•           Assistance to attend conferences or relevant events

•           Support infrastructure at The OU for duration of fellowship

The OERRH Fellowship Experience

By accepting an OERRH Fellowship, Fellows are agreeing to participate in a programme that is enriched by various research-associated activities. These activities include:

  • A research presentation/seminar: fellows will typically present their research to the OU community;
  • Engagement with the OERRH research team, including a nominated mentor;
  • Reporting on activity: fellows will be expected to report back through blogs, contributions to evidence or joint papers on their fellowship;
  • Planning for continued links with the fellowship programme.

Fellowship Alternatives

We are mindful that some of our collaborating projects, due to time (and other) restraints, may be unable to participate in our standard Linked Fellowship programme. As we have allocated a fellowship budget to each collaborating project, we would like to invite and encourage proposals for modified versions of this opportunity, in instances where a Collaboration representative is unable to visit the United Kingdom for the full four weeks, or at all. For example, the OERRH would be willing to offer financial support to a collaborating project for one or two representatives to attend a conference/event or; fund travel to another state to conduct OER research.

To be considered for this opportunity, a Research Proposal form, signed off by an OERRH- nominated stakeholder for the collaborating project must be submitted.

Fellowship Application Checklist

  1. Research Proposal form, including signature of Proposer
  2. Doctor’s letter
  3. Health and Safety form, including letter of support from your institution

[1] Reduced subsistence of £40 paid in the cases where short-term accommodation is arranged.

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